Website security

Big websites and publishing platform attract the most hacker attention. There is a legion of specialists out there trying to inject malicious code into sites and frequently succeeding. Mobile malware increased more than 600% in the past year, according to a recent survey from Juniper Networks - the number of malicious mobile apps has grown to 276,000.

Banking security

The biggest security threat banking institutions face - malware that pervades their online and mobile banking users' devices - is being met by an increasingly class of systems called clientless malware detection. One software, the Zeus Trojan, has affected more than 3 million PCs in the U.S and more than 8 million devices worldwide.

Data security

Millions of pieces of personal information about millions of people has been shared millions of times in the past year not because of hackers or cyberterrorists, but rather because of various system bugs and employee mistakes. More than 250 million data records were exposed in 2700 security and privacy breaches in 2012.